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Flicking with both power and accuracy?

It's the ultimate, elusive dream for any experienced or aspiring dragflicker.

Now there is a solution that delivers both power and accuracy in spades.


It's the Slider


The Brief

  • Enhance your aerial/3D skills and overall game with this ultimate low bow

  • Improve both your flicking power and accuracy with the custom groove designed specifically for dragflickers

  • Best for: Experienced and aspiring dragflickers looking for both power and accuracy in their flicks

The Slider 2.0 continues on the good work from the original slider but with a few important enhancements. The custom groove on the lower edge of the shaft provides greater accuracy with your flicking without compromising on power so you can put the ball exactly where you want, when you want. 


Key Specifications:

  • 90% Carbon / 10% Kevlar composition
  • 24mm ultra Low-Bow
  • Maxi Hook
  • Available in 36.5 and 37.5 inch lengths
  • 560g Average Weight

The groove on the shaft of the Sliderkeeps the ball in contact with your stick for longer while dragflicking and reduces the risk of the ball flying off your stick at the wrong time. The result is an increase in both power and accuracy and the ability for you tochange your target later than a conventional dragflicking stick.  


The Slider also delivers when it comes to hitting power and with your 3D and aerial skills by keeping the ball up in the air for longer (and away from your opponents).




Inside the Slider, as with all of our sticks, we have balanced the weight so that it's light but has a heavy feel towards to the bottom, which will enable you to hit the ball hard and more easily execute essential skills like dribbling and receiving.

The Slider is made with a 90% Carbon, 10% Kevlar composition - providing the ideal mix of power, feel and durability.

You’ll also find a silica touch pad on the face of the stick, so you can easily improve your touch when trapping and dribbling.



The Slider gives you the best mix of power and accuracy when it comes to dragflicking. If you are serious about mastering this craft, the Slider is your ultimate companion.