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Performing consistently under pressure is the holy grail of every player. 

Day in, day out, you want to be the one who makes every pass hard and flat, and you want to trap every ball that comes your way.

Every hit, whether its to a team mate or at the goal, has to be hard and not miss its target.

If you are looking for a stick optimised for consistent and reliable performance, then meet the Maverick Mid Bow


The Brief

  • Perfect and repeat the skills you need to perform each and every game

  • Have supreme confidence in your hitting, passing and receiving

  • Best for: Players who have to do it all, who want to get more touches on the ball and reduce costly mistakes

The Maverick is a mid-bow hockey stick that delivers reliability so you can can deliver consistent and excellent performance when you are under pressure. 


Key Specifications:

  • 90% Carbon / 10% Kevlar composition
  • 24mm Mid-Bow
  • Maxi Hook
  • Available in 36.5 and 37.5 inch lengths
  • 560g Average Weight


The Maverick's 24mm Mid-Bow allows you to better position your head over the ball when passing or hitting, resulting in cleaner, flatter and harder passes and hits. 

The Mid-Bow also gives enough bend to allow sound control over your aerial and 3D skills.

With increased consistency in the key skills of the game, you can reduce the amount of costly errors that haunt your dreams and embarrass you in front of your teammates.



Inside the Maverick, as with all our sticks, we have balanced the weight so that it's light but has a heavy feel towards to the bottom, which will enable you to hit the ball hard and more easily execute essential skills like dribbling and receiving.

The Maverick is made with a 90% Carbon, 10% Kevlar composition - providing the ideal mix of power, feel and durability.

You’ll also find a silica touch pad on the face of the stick, so you can easily improve your touch when trapping and dribbling.