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You've spent years searching for a stick that let's you do it all, thousands of dollars on different sticks, and a tonne of energy hoping desperately to execute your skills with precision when the time comes.

And has any of that really taken your game to the next level? If it had, you wouldn't still be reading...

Not all hope is lost though.

You can execute all of your hard earned skills without worrying that your stick might let you down.

Introducing the Iceman Pro Bow.


The Brief

  • Have confidence to execute skills in game situations, and do justice to your skill level

  • Bring your full range of skills to the field with this specifically designed pro-bow

  • Best for: Players who want to do it all and want to do it well, flicking, hitting, dribbling

The Iceman is a pro-bow hockey stick that helps you execute the full range of skills on a consistent basis, so you can make your mark on the game with confidence.


 Key Specifications:

  • 90% Carbon / 10% Kevlar composition
  • 24mm Pro-Bow
  • Maxi Hook
  • Available in 36.5 and 37.5 inch lengths
  • 560g Average Weight

The Iceman's specifically designed pro-bow gives you the best of both worlds. The pro-bow is a mix between a standard hockey stick (mid-bow) and a low-bow (a pronounced bow towards the end of the stick to assist with flicking the ball).

The pro-bow delivers the best features of both a mid and a low-bow without the negatives of each.

The Iceman makes flicking easier and more precise than you would get with a traditional mid-bow, and also provides for consistent hitting - flat and hard. 

If you want to consistently execute your full range of skills, the Iceman will help you keep your cool.



One of the biggest problems we have faced is finding a stick that provides the tools to execute multiple skills like flicking, hitting and dribbling, with equal measures of touch, precision and power.

Back then, we had to work twice as hard on our skills because we didn't have the right tools. 

Even at that, we still struggled to have confidence to execute the full range of skills in game situations.

We dug into our research from the Field Hockey Survey to look for an answer. We got tired of the struggle and decided to find a better solution to rip drag flicks into the net, smash the ball past anyone who gets in the way and send aerial passes into orbit. 

The solution is here: the Iceman pro-bow.


Inside the Iceman we have balanced the weight so that it's light but has a heavy feel towards to the bottom, which will enable you to hit the ball hard and more easily execute essential skills like dribbling and receiving.

The Iceman is made with a 90% Carbon, 10% Kevlar composition - providing the ideal mix of power, feel and durability.

You’ll also find a silica touch pad on the face of the stick, so you can easily improve your touch when trapping and dribbling.



Our testing with the Iceman has shown an average increase in aerial pass distance by 10-15 yards (compared to mid-bow), and marked improvement in consistent flat and hard hitting (compared to low-bow).

The Iceman will improve the skills of players in any position.

If you are a forward, you want to be able to smash the ball in the back of the net, while also being able to make a hard-hit pass into the 16" without worrying you might take someone's head off. You might even fancy yourself a dragflick or two.

You're a defender, well you need to be able to hit a long hard pass don't you? How about bombing an aerial pass to get your team out of trouble? Check and Check.  

And if you are a midfielder? You need all of the above. 

The Iceman's got you covered. Within a single training session you will be notice the improvement in the execution of your all-round skills.

You'll have confidence to execute skills in game situations and of course, do justice to your skill level.



As a player you know how hard it can be to find the stick that's the right fit for you.

Improving your skills and having the confidence to put them to practice in tight game situations can be daunting, specially when you don't have the right tools.

The Iceman helps you generate the confidence to take the game on and execute your skills of course, do justice to your skill level.


Grab yours now before they are all gone.