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You're looking for the edge, your competitive advantage that lets you rip the ball past the keeper faster than anyone else.

Because for any dragflicker, there's always competition for your spot on top of the circle...

Make sure you stay there.

Now you can put some extra venom into your flicks and keep the pretenders away.

Say hello to the Viper.


The Brief

  • Approach your dragflicks with confidence, knowing you will harness the maximum amount of power

  • Enhance your aerial/3D skills on the field with this specifically designed ultra low-bow

  • Best for: Dragflickers who want to dominate and get the most out of their flicking

The Viper is an ultra low-bow hockey stick that gives you the tool to absolutely let your dragflicks rip and gives you the confidence to forget about the pressure executing each corner, each and every time. 



 Key Specifications:

  • 90% Carbon / 10% Kevlar composition
  • 24mm Low-Bow
  • Maxi Hook
  • Available in 36.5 and 37.5 inch lengths
  • 560g Average Weight

The Viper's specifically designed ultra low-bow gives you the best in aerial/3D hockey. The ultra low-bow has a later and more pronounced bow than any of our other sticks.

The ultra low-bow delivers an unsurpassed ability to get the ball in the air. Whether its flicking or dribbling with the ball in the air - the Viper is your ultimate companion.

The Viper makes it easier to generate power with your flicking - delivering far more power than standard mid-bows and even more power than an average low bow. 

If you want to take your flicking to the next level, the Viper will give you the extra venom you need.




The Viper isn't just a dragflickers dream. It also delivers in general play with exceptional hitting power, as well as a soft but firm touch and feel.

And with more and more skills in the modern game requiring the ball the be raised off the turf and into the air - now might be the time for you to invest in harnessing your 3D and aerial skills.

Inside the Viper we have balanced the weight so that it's light but has a heavy feel towards to the bottom, which will enable you to hit the ball hard and more easily execute essential skills like dribbling and receiving.

The viper is made with a 90% Carbon, 10% Kevlar composition - providing the ideal mix of power, feel and durability.

You’ll also find a silica touch pad on the face of the stick, so you can easily improve your touch when trapping and dribbling.



The Viper will improve your flicking, and will get you the results you need wherever you play on the field.

If you are a forward, you want to be able to smash the ball in the back of the net, while also being able to throw a flick in behind the defenders to put your teammate into the clear. 

You're a defender? You can rest assured knowing you've got the ability to throw the biggest overhead possible to get yourself and team out of trouble.

And if you are a midfielder? You need all of the above. 

If you are passionate about flicking then the Viper has got you covered. 

Within no time at all you'll have confidence in your flicks and start to see better results on the field.



As a player you know how hard it can be to find the stick that's the right fit for you.

Improving your skills and having the confidence to put them to practice in tight game situations can be daunting, specially when you don't have the right tools.

But the Viper gives you that boost when you need that bit of extra distance or power. Games are won by small moments, and having the right tool at your disposal could be the difference between winning and losing.

Make the decision to improve your game.