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Players Glove

Banged up and bleeding knuckles have always been part of the deal when you enter the hockey field.

You make a hard tackle, get the ball, and then at halftime you realise you've lost half a litre of blood from the open wound on your left hand - and meanwhile three of your teammates have passed out because they can see your knuckle bones through the torn flesh.

Along with the uncomfortable sight of your cut up fingers and knuckles there's also the risk your wound could get infected. Nothing says sexy like a golden staph infection!

Not to mention if you are bleeding everywhere, any competent umpire is going to make you leave the field until you get your bloody mess sorted out.

Thinking about all this might make any player think twice about going in 100% to make that crucial tackle, no matter how hard they ply their craft.

Little moments of hesitation like this can win or lose you a game.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Enter the Maverick Glove.

With a sturdy glove on your left hand you can put your stick to the ground and pull off those crunching tackles with absolute confidence knowing your knuckles  are going to come out intact and be ready to go when the next opportunity arises.

Unfortunately, with a lot of gloves there is a trade off between the protection they give the top of your hand versus the reduced grip you get when holding your stick.

A good glove should provide the protection you need while also not interfering with the grip you have on your stick. The underside of the Maverick Glove is specifically designed to have as little fabric as possible in order to maximise the amount of skin that comes into contact with the grip of your stick. 

The lightweight, minimal design of the Maverick Glove affords you the protection you need to make your tackles with absolute confidence as well as ensuring you to keep a good grip on the stick at all times.